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We take wine data seriously. Combining rigorous data analysis with economic insight, we provide understanding as a service.


We have in-depth general knowledge of the leading domaines in the world. We can assist you with debunking wine jargon and navigating the vast world of wine.

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WineQuant strives to produce rigorously researched and thoroughly analysed insight for wine enthusiasts, traders and investors. Our mission is to see the present more clearly and peer into the future more imaginatively by combining wine data with expert knowledge.

WineQuant was founded by Martin Klimmek and Ren Lim in 2015. Martin met Ren at the University of Oxford while he was a research fellow in Mathematical Finance. Ren, who was studying the bacterial flagellar motor at the time, was the top individual taster at the 59th Varsity Blind Wine Tasting Match ( Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages ) and later led the Oxford team to victory at the 60th Varsity Match ( Financial Times , New York Times ). While Ren was a graduate student, he continued to represent the Oxford team to success at several other regional and international student wine-tasting competitions. Unfortunately for Martin, it turned out that his undisciplined palate disbarred him from competing. Advised by his dentist to give the enamel a break, he began looking seriously at wine data.

We believe that true market insight is derived through a combination of rigorous analysis and deep expert knowledge. Contact us to find out how we can help you to gain an edge in the wine market!

Martin is a data scientist and wine enthusiast: he has a PhD in Statistics and is able to distinguish Burgundy from Claret most days. Contact Martin to find out how WineQuant can deliver insight from wine data.

Ren is an academic, wine enthusiast, and wine-buying consultant for Ganpei Vintners Limited (Hong Kong) and Vinsky Limited (Shenzhen, China). He is based largely in Brunei and travels regularly around South East and Far East Asia. Contact Ren to find out how WineQuant can help you with your trading strategies.

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